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Notable Software I have written

Action Tags

Action Tags

Flappy Bird Clone

Flappy Bird Clone

Shade it!

Shade it!

Screenshot from the polished Version of my Flappy Bird Clone

Polished Version

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I started writing a Blog to announce new repositories and updates.

My C-Snippets
SDL2-C Tutorials and Demos
Python GTK Demos

About Me

Hi! I am Carsten from Germany - father of three sons.
... started coding when I was 11.
Currently I work as a Full-Stack JavaScript Developer.
Before that I coded in Assembly, Bash, C, Python and a lot more.
Done some Web-, OpenGL/GLSL-, GTK & Elementry- and even Linux Kernel Development.
I do love 3D Graphics Design and Animations and I am a huge fan of procedural Arts.
Checkout my LinkedIn-profile or GitHub-Account.