Python Code

Things I have done with Python

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Action Tags is done in Python 3 and GTK.

I finished most of the Demos, now I am in the progress of cleaning and pushing. During that progress, I will focus on the more unusual use-cases. There are plenty sites offering basic tutorials. I am aiming at closing the gap between Python and C Code and offering advanced stuff.

Drawing on a GTK Textview in PyGTK and PyGO


In June 2019 Python has reached again an all time high in TIOBE index of 8.5% popularity growth.

PyGObject Demos

PyGObject has some potential.

Checkout the Demo Suite.

PyGTK Demos

Python 2’s end of life has been announced, so it may not be a good idea to get started. Since I worked for somebody else on existing Python 2 Code, I had to dig into PyGtk.

Checkout the Demo Suite.

Most of the older Demos are here. But it is a mess! Lists don’t scale. I don’t want to read phonebooks, like the most API-Crawlers offer; even empowered by a search-function, most API-Helper are either Lists, Trees or simply cross-references. Those have been kind of helpful in the past and since the files are often stored in xml/json/html the good old grep fails. I really think it is about time to develop a real developer help. IDE’s showed some progress in the past, especially for OO-Languages

What I think about Python

and is True for Ruby and some other languages as well.

If a Programming Language has a Version Number it basically lost its status of being a Language. It is more like an API, to the C language in many cases.

Don’t get me wrong, both languages proved that they deserve their own space in Software Development, they are great for prototyping, especially if one has an OOP background - but, if a software is getting mature and proves that it is useful, one should switch to a real language. I have got my own thoughts about OOP per se, it was introduced as as doctrine in formal Computer Science Education worldwide and it turned out it wasn’t the Chimära we have been looking for.

OOP brought a lot functionality, which brings complexity with it. … TBC