Action Tags

A Documentation System for busy people

Bring power back to the Desktop Environment.

Action Tags

Demo Video


  • Scaling / Zooming
  • Open highlighted Source-Code
  • Execute Programs from within Text
  • Jump to marks in external Text
  • Keeps track of opened Text-Files
  • Embed Images
  • Markup Special Words
  • In-Text Links
  • Markup Source Code Snippets
  • Open URLs from within Text
  • Compose one Text from multiple Files
  • Headings and Table of Content
  • Search Function
  • Markdown similar Syntax
  • Supports CSS
  • Conforms with Desktop-Theming
  • Open in Editor
  • Reload Page
  • Open in Filebrowser

  • Dedicated Navigation Module
  • Opens multiple Documents
  • Works from Desktop Environment
  • Works from the Shell
  • And works from the Navigation Module


  • FileViewer
  • FileNav
  • Calendar
  • ImageViewer


Editor, ArticleNav, Text-Folding, Audio/Video Support;


The source code is currently not available without a charge. If you want to buy the Code or want to hire me to integrate it for your company, contact me.