New Site Layout

Acry, 26 June 2019

The new Site Layout is running.

After fiddling a couple of hours it was done. I used to use Github’s Hacker Theme for my SDL2-C Tutorials, one of currently 13 supported Themes.

As I was looking for more structure and functionality I was checking and “Prologue” was picked pretty fast.

As a github hosted theme, it was basically just a oneline change in the config to: remote_theme: chrisbobbe/jekyll-theme-prologue. The rest of the transition process was not that hard, except that I haven’t wrestled with Gemfiles for a while and just after I flushed my Ruby runtime environment from my machine a few weeks ago. to the rescue!

If anyone is looking for my SDL2-C Demos & Tutorials, there you go.

Next steps are pushing some repos upstream, filling the GTK-Python page with code I have done and some other stuff; since I was pretty focused on finding a proper solution for my Notekeeping Software, but that’s another story an Odyssey, I was slacking with updates to my site.

Meanwhile I hacked my own Outliner in Python cause I am tired to wrestle with XML/SQLite and other stuff one doesn’t need for taking notes.

One more thing I’d like to do is setting up the page in German, too. What I am not sure about is, if I want comments activated on the blog. Communication can be very time consuming and I prefer to code silently.