Python 3 - GObject - GTKSource

Acry, 26 August 2019

Getting Source View and StyleScheme Widget to work

The Sourceview is an alternative Textview - it is specialised to view and edit source-code. One really should have used Gtk.Textview before using GtkSource.View in code.

The main problem is that Sourceview’s GObject Introspection is not fully working , yet.

Sometimes a bit of hacking and fiddling is needed to reach a goal. For now, after wrestling a bit with the bindings and jumping through some loops, I am quite satisfied with my code.

Check the README’s and the code.


I have been using Pygments as highlighter, which is working quite well under GTK. Currently working on a Snippet-Manager, cause I am tired that every IDE provides its own. And as usual import and exports across IDE-Snippets is a pain.